Sunday, April 22, 2012

Naruto Shippuden 258

Review of Naruto Shippuden 258: Chuunin exam is under way and Naruto is getting surprissingly strong.

naruto shippuden 258 previewSasuke advised Naruto that if he never wants to owe anything to Sasuke, he better catch up to him. Naruto promised to surpass Sasuke in strength and skill. It's Chuunin exam time and Sasuke is surprised just how powerful Naruto got in such a short time. The title of next Naruto Shippuden 258 is "The Rivals". Let's see how quickly Naruto picks things up and catches up to Sasuke. Hop in our Naruto Forum for discussions. 
In the restricted grounds chuunin exam takes place, Heaven Scroll and the Earth Scroll are the prizes. There are 78 contestants in 26 teams. Each team has one of the two scrolls. The objective is to make it back to the tower as team with both the scrolls. Naruto is determined to pay Sasuke back.
[GoogleAd]Sasuke gets attacked by a giant snake. Things go from bad to worse when Naruto shows up wanting to help and of course to even the score with Sasuke. Sasuke realized Naruto needs to be protected so he decided to give away his scroll. Naruto went berserk when he found out. He took this Sasuke guy for an impostor and punched him. Sasuke would never give up a scroll, would he?
Naruto attacked the Snake guy but as he got closer, Summoning Jutsu was signed and Naruto was thrown about. He kept coming back though and did stop the snake just in front of Sasuke. "Hey, are you hurt, scaredy cat?" he asked. Sasuke didn't want to risk his life for a scroll, he did after all have more noble things in mind... namely killing his older brother, but then he realized that if he cannot defeat this snake guy, he'd stand no chance with Itachi Uchiha.
Naruto Shippuden 258 Genjutsu Shinobi clonesNext attack came from many illusions created by Genjutsu. Naruto could not attack them, but clones were attacking for real. Kabuto got slashed. The enemy must be hiding close by using his Genjutsu Shinobi to attack from save distance. Naruto attacked with his Shadow Clones and was effective. He even created clone jutsus of Sakura, Sasuke and Kabuto to protect the, while the real ones went into hiding. Naruto seemed tired but would not let Sasuke take over. He just needed Sasuke to see that he can match up to him.
The Forest of Death was conquered. Third Day of Chuunin exam is being explained by Lord hokage. Sakura asked Sasuke to stop fighting as she was afraid for him. Sasuke reminded her that he is an avenger and this exam is very important to him, because he is fighting the strongest. Then he turned to Naruto and told him that he also wants to fight him.
Sasuke asks Kakashi to make him stronger. Kakashi liked Sasuke's determination. Kakashi explained the Change in Chakra Nature and that superior shinobi know how to change more than two chakra natures. Sasuke now posseses fire nature. Kakashi has Lightning style and he could teach that to Sasuke. He called it one-of-a-kind jutsu of Kakashi the Copy Ninja. 
naruto shippuden 259Sasuke made a late appearance with Kakashi at the Chuunin exam. He had missed Naruto's fight with Orochimaru and other opponents. Naruto must have gotten much stronger, or adopted a new jutsu to win these fights. The title of next Naruto episode of Naruto Shippuden 259 is "Rift". Watch it with us right here at Tailedfox this Thursday April 19th.
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Naruto Shippuden 252

Naruto episode 252 Just as Yahiko believed in Nagato, Nagato believed in Naruto and died in the process of undoing the wrongs he had done as a member of Akatsuki. Konan will be featured in the next episode of Naruto Shippuden 252 entitled "The Angelic Herald of Death". Will Konan attempt to avenge Nagato's death and kill Madara Uchiha? See us in Naruto Forums for discussions. Enjoy Naruto Shippuden 252! Download Naruto Shippuden 252 in HD.
Madara decided to pay a visit to Hidden Rain Village. Konan is already waiting there for him. It's raining in the Hidden Rain village and Konan is reminded of the times when she was a homeless child roaming the fields with her inseparable friends Nagato and Yahiko. On one of these days Yahiko came into a hideout and spotted a giant toad. Seconds later they realized the giant toad was Jiraiya sensei dressed as a toad.
[GoogleAd]Madara materializes in front of Konan. He asks about Nagato's corpse. Madara knows what a powerful thing Rinnegan ocular power is. Nagato had such a gift. Now that he is dead, Madara wants the Rinnegan. Madara asks about why Nagato and Konan betrayed Akatsuki. They did after all approved of Tobi's Tsuki no Me Project. Madara knew of Nagato using Rinne Rebirth Jutsu to revive all dead from last carnage of Hidden Leaf. He considers this an act of betrayal to Akatsuki. Madara knew that Nagato did this because of Naruto.
Story rolls over to the scene where Naruto attempts to answer Nagato by telling him about "Story of Gutsy Ninja" book written by Jiraiya sensei. How Pervy Sage believed in Naruto and his quest to make a better world. Pain does not believe in true peace, but Naruto reiterated that he will never stain Jiraiya's memory by giving up. Nagato recalled those words when Jiraiya taught him too. Nagato knew that he was an inspiration to Jiraiya.
Naruto Shippuden 252 Nagato talking to NarutoNaruto told Nagato that he was going to be a Hokage one day and he will bring peace to Hidden Rain village. Nagato questioned his resolve by asking him whether he would keep his word no matter what pain he faces. Naruto admitted he couldn't write like his master, that is why his book will have to be about his actions and his life. And no matter what the pain, he will continue walking.
Madara questions Konan's loyalty to Akatsuki, but Konan explains that it was Yahiko who formed Akatsuki and the red clouds on the Akatsuki cloaks symbolize the blood that was shed in the wars. Madara disagrees by saying that he was the one who encouraged Yahiko to form Akatsuki and he was the one who gave Nagato the Rinnegan.
Naruto Shippuden 252 Madara injuredKonan attacks hoping for Madara to materialize in time for her to kill him. Madara sucks her in, but not before realizing that she mixed in Paper Bombs. The explosion was survived by both Konan and Madara.
Naruto Shippuden 253 MadaraKonan remembers how Yahiko asked Konan to take a good care of Nagato as he is the real force of Akatsuki, the keystone that will save the nation and the world. Konan told herself that she will always be the pillar that supports two bridges: Yahiko and Nagato. They both pledged their lives to peace and both died for their beliefs, Konan pledged to be the pillar supporting Naruto and his belief in peace. She made a bouquet of paper flowers and handed them to Naruto. The title of next Naruto Shippuden episode 253 this Thursday March 8th is "The Bridge to Peace".

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Almighty Push! ...devastating...where the hell is Naruto?

Akatzuki finds out from Lady Shizune that Naruto is at Mount Myoboku and all six decide to retreat. Akatzuki all powerful Six turns out to be 6 dead bodies controlled by Nagato and his Mind Transfer Jutsu. Nagato's almighty push levels the Hidden Village to the ground. Who survived? I wish I had something pleasant to say... this was a massacre!

Devastation has begun on

Konohamaru is great!

Surname is Sarutobi! Given name is Konohamaru! Grandson of Hokage made a promise to fight Naruto over the title of Hokage. Let's see if his determination and wisdom will be enough to help save the Hidden Village. Naruto is on his way but the carnage continues.